The best paragliding logbook, vario, map and social flight database for iOS.

The perfect companion app for a dedicated bluetooth vario.

Key Features

Log your flights. Track your progress.

Import IGC files or track flights in app. Rewatch and analyze in 3D and 2D views. Track your progress and hours to stay on top of your game.

Thermal better. Fly farther.

Hit record and put you phone in your pocket, or navigate in-flight with our customizeable vario.

Share your flights with your friends.

See flights from your friends and other top pilots. Like, comment on, and share your flights to other social media channels.

Find new places to fly.

View airspace, skyways, thermals, and public lands layers all in our best-in-class map. Explore Paragliding Earth launches to discover new spots. Download offline maps so you never get lost when landing out.

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